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How to Book CSCS Course in Croydon


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All you should know

CSCS card is a certification which is provided if you qualify a sort of test. It is concerned with the UK construction industry. It provides the employer with all your details and makes them sure about any chances of an accident (as it used to happen before this certification). So it became proof for the employer and a trustworthy document to start work with a new employee. It is an important document which you must have if you are willing to work in UK based Construction Industry.

Jobs with CSCS Certification:

It’s an important document which you must have to work for the Construction Industry in the UK. Most popular jobs which you can get after qualifying your CSCS Certification are as under:
• Project Manager, Construction
• Assistant Project Manager, Construction
• Construction Laborer
• Assistant Quantity Surveyor
• Painter and Carpenter
• Construction Manager Etc.

Why CSCS card is Necessary?
• It proves that you are having an understanding of Health and Safety issues on the site.
• It proves that you are aware of the risks on the site.
• It has now made mandatory in the large construction sites in the UK.
• All the Employers of UK based Construction Industry is now requesting for the CSCS card from the employee.
• A CSCS card employee is getting paid at a higher rate than a non-CSCS card employee.

Procedure to take the test

You will be provided with a book which will be having a lot of Multiple Choice Questions. And when you take your test, the same formatted questions will be there on your computer screen. You just have to select the appropriate answer from the given four options. There will be some questions which will ask you to quote more than one option, so you have to follow the guidelines accordingly.< /br>
You don’t need any high level of education for taking the test. You only need to have basic knowledge of computers. All you need to do is click on the right option and it will be sent for review.

Course Booking Process (In Croydon)

If you wish to book your CSCS course Croydon, you have to follow some steps which are as below:
• You have to go through the CITB Health and safety Course.
• Then, you have to apply for the CSCS card with your qualification (CITB) copy.
• Then, you have to call 0207 199 9800 and pay the fee required.


Now, if you want to book the CSCS Card Croydon, You just have to specify the location as Croydon and it will be allotted to you. This is all about how you can book your CSCS course in Croydon. And you can contact us on our email for further information.